Roots & Wings

workshops for creatives driven by heart

Our workshops are designed to encourage creativity, growth, and friendship, and to provide a sense of community and belonging. By working with artists, creatives, and small business owners from all over the state, we intend to bring folks together and share our knowledge and passions with others. We wish that with every class that attendees may enter as strangers, but leave as friends. We believe that in the midst of chaos, we must remember to make time to do the things we love, and the things we want to learn more about.

The Roots & Wings workshop series was developed with two things in mind. The first is that we want to always lead our classes from the heart. At Roots, we believe in the importance of listening to your instincts and inner guide. We want to use our passions, and what makes our soul smile, to create a better life and world around us. Secondly, we want to give others the chance to do just that in their own lives. By sharing the tools we - as artists, makers, dreams, and do-er’s - have learned along the way, we hope to give you the, ‘wings,’ you need to live a life you’ve always dreamed of. “I will give you roots, and I will give you wings.”

Are you interested in collaborating with Roots to create your own one-of-a-kind workshop?

We are currently accepting workshop collaboration requests for Fall 2019.